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We are IT Native company

We provide a wide range of information technology services to your  organization. Cyritech provides solutions in managing and supporting the technology infrastructure and systems.



Expertise and Experience: Highlight your company's expertise and experience in delivering IT solutions. Showcase successful projects, client testimonials, and case studies that demonstrate your ability to meet client needs effectively.


Comprehensive Service Offerings: If your company offers a wide range of IT services, emphasize the convenience and benefit of being a one-stop solution for clients. Having expertise across multiple areas allows clients to consolidate their IT needs with a single provider.


Industry-Specific Knowledge: If your company specializes in serving specific industries, such as healthcare, finance, or retail, emphasize your understanding of industry-specific challenges, compliance requirements, and best practices. Clients often seek IT providers with industry expertise to ensure tailored solutions.


Customization and Scalability: Emphasize your ability to provide customized solutions that align with clients' unique needs and business objectives. Highlight your flexibility to scale services as clients' businesses grow and evolve.


Proven Track Record: Showcase your successful track record in delivering high-quality IT solutions. Highlight client satisfaction, long-term partnerships, and any industry recognition or awards received.


Technological Competence: Highlight your company's proficiency with cutting-edge technologies and tools. Demonstrating expertise in emerging areas like cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, or data analytics can attract clients seeking innovative IT solutions.


Strong Support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Emphasize your commitment to providing excellent customer support and clear SLAs. Clients value reliable support, timely response to issues, and proactive communication.


Cost-Effectiveness: Showcase your ability to deliver cost-effective IT solutions without compromising quality. This can include efficient resource utilization, competitive pricing models, and a focus on delivering value to clients.


Strong Team and Certifications: Highlight the qualifications, certifications, and expertise of your team members. Clients want to know that their IT needs are in capable hands and that your team has the necessary skills and certifications to handle their projects.


Client-Centric Approach: Emphasize your commitment to understanding clients' unique needs, communication preferences, and delivering personalized solutions. Demonstrating a client-centric approach can help build trust and long-term partnerships.

Cyritech  Team


Digital Work place Manager


Community builder Office Manager Abidjan

Vianney AKA

Dev Lead


Entrepreneur 💹 ✅ Trainer 💻 App Developer 👨🏾‍💻✨


External Office


Co-founder at AKILI DIGITAL || Startup enthusiast 🚀💡

Lewis AMOU

Marketing Lead EU


International ICT consultant Advisory | Amsterdam


Designer UX / UI


Graphic designer experienced of visual design for communication.


Operations Manager AF


Business developer and Sales Manager




International ICT consultant Advisory | Amsterdam

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International ICT consultant Advisory | Amsterdam

Technical support to solve problems related to software, equipment and computer systems.

Our IT firm or IT Advisor, advises on best practices in New Information and Communication Technologies. We help you develop technology strategies tailored to your specific needs and industry.

Software development and maintenance services

As IT Advisor we offer personalized software development services to meet the specific needs of our partners, customers and any natural or legal person in our ecosystem. We can also maintain and update existing software.

Project management

Our IT firm supports you in the management of your complex technological projects. Ensuring proper execution on time and respecting functional and technical requirements.

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IT infrastructure services

we manage your IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, data storage systems, virtualization, etc. Ensure the proper functioning of the infrastructure and can offer optimization and security solutions.we manage your IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, data storage systems, virtualization, etc. Ensure the proper functioning of the infrastructure and can offer optimization and security solutions.